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WELCOME to One More Yes

One More Yes was founded to promote the cause of Scottish Independence.

In 1997, the Scottish people voted ‘Yes’ to a Scottish Parliament and ‘Yes’ to that Parliament having tax varying powers. In 2014, the Scottish people were asked to vote again. This time, the question was:

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’

The only answer that counted was ‘Yes’.

Just ‘one more yes’ and Scotland would have been an independent nation again.

Sadly, the No vote won the day, but by a considerably smaller margin than expected. Forty five percent of the country voted Yes.

However, One More Yes is passionate about Scottish Independence. Our aim is to achieve it, so we will continue the campaign until Yes prevails.

When the next independence referendum is called, the same holds true, that is, by voting Yes, just ‘one more yes’, Scotland will be an independent country again. Kelvin

One More Yes is not affiliated to any political party…


We support Scottish independence and accept that Scots can determine whichever political party they want to govern themselves after independence – as is the case in any other independent, democratic country. We hope that the continued ‘one more yes’ campaign will help promote awareness of Scottish independence and indeed, persuade Scots to vote, ‘Yes’, one more time at the next referendum.

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