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Scotland: a Nation

17 Jul

published by one more yes

NS Scotland - a Nation

All too often, people refer to Scotland as if the country were simply a region of the UK (and sometimes of England!). Indeed, when campaigning for Scottish independence in 2014, I was told by an opponent of Scottish independence that they considered Scotland ‘ to be a region, like Yorkshire.’

The EU referendum result has thrown up the same casual thinking. Scotland voted to remain in the EU,  where Wales and England voted to leave. Yet, because London and Liverpool also voted to remain in the EU, some politicians are saying that Scotland should accept the result i.e. if London and Liverpool have to accept it, then so does Scotland.

This fails to accept the very point that Nicola Sturgeon made on ‘The Andrew Marr Show’ today, that ‘Scotland is not a region of the UK, Scotland is a nation.’

The very essence of the UK is the union of two Kingdoms, not regions.

It is incumbent on the Scottish Government to look after the interests of Scotland: the nation.