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Scotland’s Oil

12 Jun

published by one more yes

Cameron Marr Oil

David Cameron finally admits that a country with a small population can benefit from oil. This is not what he was saying before indyref. 

Oil has allowed Norway, with a population nearly identical to Scotland’s of just over *5 million, to build up the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund of ~£580 Billion. Compare this to the UK’s debt of ~£1.6 Trillion.

Oil is an asset, not the burden it was made out to be by Westminster and the BetterTogether camp prior to the independence referendum.

With or without oil, Scotland could be a very successful, independent country, but let’s not allow people to talk down the many assets our country has.

We’ll be sure to remind them of these assets at indyref2! 

*David Cameron said Norway’s population was 4 million during the interview with Andrew Marr, although this is incorrect, it does not detract from the main point.

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