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Scottish Independence


The referendum is over. The result was no. However, the campaign for Scottish independence continues and will not stop until it is achieved.

The relentless negative campaigning and scaremongering of the No camp was disgraceful as was the staggering complacency of the Westminster political leaders and establishment. This complacency was never more naked, never more exposed, never more shaken to the core, than when Cameron, Miliband and Clegg, in a blind panic, set their satnavs to ‘Scotland’ and dashed over the border to tell us how much they loved us following a single poll which put the Yes vote in the lead two weeks before the referendum.

Why on earth would Scotland want to be ruled by a Westminster elite which only thinks of her when she is about to leave the Union?

The leaders’ cobbled together, back-of-a-fag packet, ‘vow’ of ‘more powers’ offered to Scotland (only after the ‘Yes’ poll and after many people had already voted) was not only insulting, but also misguided as it will prove to be far too little, far too late.

Their ruse, coupled with Gordon Brown’s already missed ‘Timetable’, may have swung sufficient voters to tip the balance in favour of a No vote on the day, but their tactics can be seen for what they were: utter desperation.

There was nothing of substance, nothing of sincerity, nothing of principle and nothing of conviction about their vow; it was simply a means to an end. Something which has already left division amongst the ’No’ parties in their wake and an increasing feeling of deceit amongst the voters.

Now that the ‘heat’ is over and ‘their’ result is in the bag, the whiff of complacency is already beginning to fill the air again as  ‘more important matters’ consume the leaders’ minds, such as party positioning over future devolved powers for England; again not through conviction, but because of the backlash from middle England to the Scottish referendum.

In ordinary circumstances, their ploy would have been sufficient to sap the energy of weary voters who have become increasingly used to tactical expediencies subverting political conviction and democracy. However, these are no ordinary circumstances and the referendum was no finale: it was simply the opening performance. A performance in which ~85% of the Scottish electorate chose to participate with vigour, knowledge and passion.

Too much energy has been generated for those who believe in an independent Scotland to take their final bow and accept that the campaign for Scottish independence is over.  The outcome of the referendum is accepted.

However, as the months pass and Brown’s timetable is ignored and the leaders’ vow is watered down, ultimately to be broken, so the second act of the Yes campaign will be gathering momentum, driven by conviction and engaging all the people of Scotland on a positive basis irrespective of how they voted in the referendum.

Hope over fear shall prevail.

The referendum is over. The result was no, but the Yes campaign has never been so determined, never so convinced, that Scottish independence shall be achieved.

To all people from around the world who support Scotland being an independent nation again, there is a permanent invitation to join the Yes campaign.

Please join us and deliver the dream: Scottish independence.


On the 18th September 2014, you have the chance not only to be part of history, but to create it.

By voting ‘Yes’, one more yes, you will help make Scotland an independent country again.

It is understandable that some people will have doubts about Scotland becoming an independent nation, all the more so, when these doubts are fuelled by scaremongering by those who have vested interests in maintaining the Union.

The reality is, neither the pro nor the anti-independence movements know exactly what will happen in an independent Scotland, but then the same is true of any independent nation, including the United Kingdom.

All independent nations go through highs and lows in their existence, but what is for certain is that in an independent Scotland, it is the Scottish people who will determine how these high and lows are addressed, not by a government whose interests lie outside Scotland.

Scotland is rich in talent and resources.

* Scotland has £1.5 Trillion of Oil and Gas reserves and 25% of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal resources.
* Scotland’s food and drink industry is to create 5,600 jobs over the next 5 years.
* The Scotch whisky industry is booming with exports at a record high at £4.3 Billion. Scotch whisky is worth £135 per second to the UK balance of trade!
* Scotland has always been at the forefront of medical innovation and hosts one of the largest life science clusters in Europe with significant presence in research, development and manufacturing.

Pioneering medical and scientific discovery at Scotland’s universities and research institutes have led to: the development of MRI and CAT scanners, the discovery of p53 cancer suppressor gene, world-recognised research in diabetes and cancer, the cloning of ‘Dolly the sheep and ReNeuron’s groundbreaking stem cell trial for stroke patients.

Scotland maintains this rich heritage with high levels of expertise, a culture of innovation, and continuing research and technology excellence which together have resulted in a thriving, growing industry on the brink of new discoveries

The ‘Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013/14′ lists 5 Scottish Universities in the world’s top 200 – this is more per head of population than any other nation.

These are just a few positive facts about Scotland that are seldom heard, but they demonstrate that Scotland and its people are more than capable of shaping and forging a successful, independent Scotland.

Banish any doubts and trust in the talent of the Scottish people – vote ‘Yes’.

one more yes is all it takes to deliver an independent Scotland which future generations can build into the nation that they aspire to.

* Source: Scottish Development International