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SNP & UK leaders’ debates

21 Jan

published by one more yes

Nick Robinson Glasgow

If ever there was a case for Nicola Sturgeon to be included in UK-wide leaders’ debates, it is made now.

Nicola Sturgeon is the elected First Minister of a majority SNP-led Scottish Government.

The SNP is the third largest party by membership in the UK and have 6 MP’s at Westminster.

In addition, with recent polls indicating that the SNP will hold anything from 30 to 50 seats at Westminster post the general election, they are likely to play a pivotal role in UK politics for the next parliamentary term.

When English policies affect what happens to Scotland’s receipts through the Barnett formula, then it is perfectly reasonable to expect the SNP to take part in these debates to protect Scottish interests.

Likewise, for the English, Welsh and Northern Irish electorate. It is also perfectly reasonable for them to understand what course of action the SNP intends to follow if it affects what happens in England e.g. on matters such as the NHS which directly impacts expenditure and therefore receipts via the Barnett formula, not only for Scotland, but for Wales and Northern Ireland too.

Beyond matters related to the Barnett formula, as long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, then the SNP has every right to participate in the UK leaders’ debates. 

Welfare, defence and foreign affairs may still be reserved, but they are UK issues on which the SNP should have its say.

BBC’s Nick Robinson said, 

“The Scottish referendum already feels like quite a long time ago, but the truth is, its legacy means that the battle over Scottish politics could become the battle over who runs Britain.” (BBC News, Glasgow,   21/01/2015)

Let the battle for who runs Britain commence! – but include Nicola Sturgeon in the UK leaders’ debates!